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You set your goals, created your budget, and created a debt repayment plan. Now it’s time to celebrate your successes.

They don’t have to be big.

You choose what milestones you’ll celebrate, as this keeps you going! For example, if you’ve never been able to stick to a budget but you do it for 2 weeks in a row – that’s a reason to celebrate.

Honestly, the sky is the limit – you choose your reasons to celebrate.


Honestly, reward yourself. What will make you feel good? Keep it reasonable or even free if possible, but do something that makes you feel good. Dangle that carrot in front of your nose when you feel discouraged, let it lead you to the goals you set.


What better way to celebrate a milestone than to set a new goal? It doesn’t sound rewarding, but your future-self begs to differ. Let’s say you had a goal to save $500. You accomplished it quickly – a great job.

Now, celebrate by setting another goal. Maybe you make the increment a little higher this time or you make the timeline shorter.

Set the goals you know you can achieve, but that brings you out of your comfort zone ever so slightly. You’ll feel even more accomplished when you reach those goals and can move beyond them. Keep striving for bigger and greater things and you’ll
naturally feel the rewards.

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Do you want to feel great about your success? Why not pay it forward? Whether you share money, advice, or your own success, let others in on the fun. You created this, why not help someone else create it too?

Paying it forward could look many ways, such as giving to a charity, helping someone learn to budget as you did, or give someone a gift because that’s what makes you feel good. It’s all about personal preference. What do you want or need that would help you pay it forward?


The key factor is to keep your success going. Don’t give up. Yes, you reached your goals and you should celebrate, but keep the momentum going.

Set more goals, reach higher thresholds. If you stock your emergency fund, for example, save more for retirement. If you’ve maxed out your retirement funds, invest in a taxable account.

There’s always room for more goals and more improvement. While you celebrate your wins, make sure you’re always thinking of the next step. What will make you feel even better?

How can you make your moves even bigger?

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The sky is the limit and the world is waiting for you to make your move. Celebrate your success, show others what you’ve done, but always come back to the drawing board to see how you can make things even better.

No one is perfect – everyone is always evolving, and that includes your money.
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