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We all tend to look at what others have and assume that those dreams are ours as well. We continue to say, “I will get out of debt, I will purchase that home and I will change,” but we never make the switch to achieve that goal. Why? That is the first question we must ask. We must also define what OUR goals and dreams are. This book will challenge you to make tough decisions and realize what your true path is,. aA path that is unique to you and your situation. Everything in life is a journey and we need to change the way we think and the way we act, to achieve our financial promised land.
I have often thought that I needed to be like everyone else and have the same goals and dreams, till I realized my journey was different and I faced different challenges, mostly self inflictedself-inflicted but, I had to work through them to achieve my goals. I have not reached my promise promised land, but I have a clear vision and path to get there. I have struck and continue to strike goals off my list and continue to achieve new milestones everydayevery day. I want to share my experience’sexperiences and what worked and is still working for me and we can all achieve OUR goals, Our OUR Why’s whys and Our OUR promised land. I hope you enjoy and take the Journey journey to reach you your desired destination, your promised land.


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